World of WarCrafts: Elixir of Greater Intellect punch

Maureen Carter
M. Carter|01.23.08

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Maureen Carter
January 23rd, 2008
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World of WarCrafts: Elixir of Greater Intellect punch
drinksEvery Wednesday World of WarCrafts features a recipe or craft that teaches you how to make own real life version of in-game recipes and items.

Weather or not you play a toon that uses Mana or has a use for Intellect you need to stay well hydrated to play WoW to the very best of your ability. Now, I know that the last time I wrote about a beverage 99% of your comments were about how I needed to add something, shall we say, stronger to give it more kick.

Once again I am not adding that stronger element but I have a good reason. If you are giving yourself an intellect buff don't you think it should clear your mind not make it more.... well, drunk? Now that I have given my recipe such a glowing introduction, I present you with Elixir of Greater Intellect Punch.

Greater Elixir of Intellect Punch

32 ounces Sparkling Southshore Cider
1 can Enriched Terocone Juice
1 cup Hyjal Nectar
1 1/2 Liters Gilneas Sparkling Water
1 Shiny Red Apple sliced

Mix all the juices in a large bowl or pitcher and mix well. Add The Gilneas Sparkling Water slowly and stir gently. Add the Shiny Red Apple slices and enjoy.

Translation Key:

Sparkling Southshore Cider -apple juice or cider
Enriched Terocone Juice - frozen cranberry juice concentrate
Hyjal Nectar - orange juice
Gilneas Sparkling Water - ginger ale
Shiny Red Apple - an apple duh

Thanks to Brooke for the original recipe.

For those of you that still want a stronger drink, don't worry I have not forgotten about you. I will be keeping my eyes open and bringing you something soon. Watch for it in the coming weeks. I'm not promising next week but soon none the less.
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