Biz Kid$ launches this weekend in HD, molds your youngster into an entrepreneur

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.26.08

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Considering that you just kicked back last night and caught MOJO HD's new Money Night lineup, it makes sense to start passing down those cash-making ways as soon as humanly possible, eh? As you calmly nod your head up and down, you'll likely be enthralled to know that starting this Sunday on your local American Public Television broadcaster (listed here), your offspring can fix their eyes on a new program that may actually benefit them in the long-term. Produced entirely in HD by the same minds that brought you Bill Nye the Science Guy, Biz Kid$, is a 26-episode series "designed to entertain, engage and ultimately elevate young peoples knowledge about money and finance." Those tykes will be paying your nursing home bills one day -- letting 'em catch this may not be such a bad idea.
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