Official Rock Band premium microphone turns up, still can't save embarrassment

This one sure hasn't generated much, if any, fanfare, but it looks like those that take their Rock Band wailing (a little too) seriously can now get their hands on a new and improved (and official) microphone. According to the appropriately-named Rocker74 of the ScoreHero forums, you'll have to drop a hefty $50 to your hands on it, but for that you'll apparently get a microphone that is heavier and "definitely" higher quality than the standard issue mic. There still doesn't seem to be any official word on the microphone, however, so availability might be hit and miss for a while yet.

[Thanks, John P]

Update: As some of you have pointed out, it appears that the microphone's packaging says its for PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox 360, which would certainly be an interesting development, given that we still haven't heard anything official about Rock Band for the Wii. More on that as we get it. [Thanks, garfep]