Mario Kart rumors surface, quickly get denied

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David Hinkle
January 29th, 2008
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Mario Kart rumors surface, quickly get denied

This has nothing to do with the leaked release list from earlier in this very same day, but some more specific features about the game other than when it will officially exist in the sense that you may buy it, play it and perhaps snuggle with its instruction manual. According to an upcoming issue of NMag (by way of GoNintendo), snaking will make its way back into the game, along with a total of 32 tracks (16 new, 16 old) and Baby Peach and Boo will be drivers. Also, the controls are supposed to be very much like those that are in Excite Truck.

Apparently, this is all speculation, though, as a Nintendo rep told Eurogamer that these tidbits of info are nothing more than rumors. "Nintendo has not announced any further information on Mario Kart," the rep said. "We've spoken to the magazine and it's just pure rumour and speculation on their part." So while Nintendo shoots down all of this info, you can still be sure in betting on the track list being a mixture of older tracks, with some new ones sprinkled in for good measure. We'll just all have to make our own guess as to how many there will be.

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