WRUP: Groundhog Day edition

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|02.01.08

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WRUP: Groundhog Day edition
Did you forget? Yes, tomorrow, February 2nd, is the day the MMO gamer pokes his head out the window from his longtime leveling session, and if he sees his shadow, it'll mean six more weeks of Age of Conan delays. Oh, that's not how it works? Never mind then.

But it is Friday, and that means it's time to ask What aRe yoU Playing in the world of MMOs. This week, we asked Massively writers William Dobson and Mark Crump. Will is playing Pirates of the Burning Sea with his friend since launch, and says he loves it, despite the fact that he has a few issues with the Freetrader class (look for an upcoming post about that). He's also ducking into EQ2 and playing LoN regularly. Mark says he's working on his Hunter in WoW, and LotRO may get some gametime as well.

Me, I'm taking a bit of a break this weekend-- after buying a Mac mini a few weeks ago, I'm going to spend this weekend reformatting my PC and turning it into a solely gaming/media server box. Which means I've got quite a few installs in my future-- I'll probably spend the weekend switching out gaming install discs and redownloading patches while I continue to tear up the roads of Burnout Paradise, an "almost MMO" on the 360.

So what are you playing this cold February weekend?

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