iBank 3 to have iPhone support

Mat Lu
M. Lu|02.02.08

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Mat Lu
February 2nd, 2008
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iBank 3 to have iPhone support
A new beta of the personal finance management software iBank 3 has been released and it includes iPhone support. According the developers, you can use your iPhone or iPod touch to view historical transactions or create and edit new ones, but this requires a .Mac account. The download includes a small package that you have to upload to the root directory of your iDisk. You can then access a iBank file you've set to sync with .Mac by going to https://idisk.mac.com/dot-mac username/iBank/index.html on your iPhone.

In addition to the iPhone integration, version three offers a large number of new features including direct download of transactions if your financial institution supports the OFX protocol, investment and loan management, as well as export to tax software and more. For those of you looking for a solid Quicken replacement, IGG Software may finally have done the trick.

The iBank 3 beta is available for download now. It appears that it will cost $59.99 when released ($29.99 upgrade), but if you purchase iBank 2 now it will be a free upgrade.

[via MacNN]
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