Folding@home for PS3 goes platinum

Ross Miller
R. Miller|02.05.08

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Folding@home for PS3 goes platinum
The super-sized, record-breaking protein-folding project Folding@home has claimed its millionth PlayStation 3 console, according to a press release from Sony Computer Entertainment. Folding@home began in October 2000 as an effort to utilize as much computing power as possible (via distributed clusters) to understand protein folding and misfolding. Researchers hope to gain a better understanding of related diseases such as Alzheimer's, Huntington's and various forms of cancer. The PS3 client launched in March 2007 and was last revised in December.

A million consoles may seem like a lot, but that's really not a large portion of PS3 owners, given hardware sales statistics. We'd like to thank everyone on the (currently) 218-member Joystiq folding team, who have helped us maintain a 367th out of 102,162 ranking. (Don't forget about PS3 Fanboy or the stellar Engadget teams, either.) Remember, it's never too late to join.
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