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Hey, dummy! Check out this new game

Hey, dummy! Check out this new game
JC Fletcher
JC Fletcher|@jcfletcher|February 4, 2008 5:00 PM

It's pretty hard to resist a game about beating up on a hapless crash dummy, which is why we've actually bothered playing the licensed Incredible Crash Dummies game on ... well, too many platforms. Developer Twelve Interactive is reviving the idea with their new game Cid the Dummy.

The new action-platformer's story reads, bizarrely, like an alternate, pun-riddled take on Astro Boy or Mega Man: Professor B.M. Werken creates a robot version of his lost daughter, who is then kidnapped by his newly evil assistant D-Troit. A crash dummy, Cid, is chosen at random to rescue her and is given a bazooka with Freeze, Flame, and Rubber Bullet ammo.

The game also contains crash tests! In these bonus games, Cid attempts to get his car up to speed to crash through up to five walls and pick up bonus items. Strap on your safety belt and drive directly into our gallery for a bunch of screens!

[Via GamesPress]
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