Researchers tout co-op system for ubiquitous WiFi

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Researchers tout co-op system for ubiquitous WiFi
There's already plenty of folks working to make WiFi as ubiquitous as possible, but a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge seem to think they've devised one of the most efficient solutions yet, although it's not without its share of hurdles. The basic idea is to turn a sometimes frowned upon activity into an acceptable one, by making it safe for individuals to share their home WiFi with neighbors and passers-by. To do that all-important latter bit, the researchers propose that the guests would only be given access to a "tunnel" to a single, trusted point on the internet (as illustrated above), with a firewall offering further protection. That, obviously, wouldn't work unless everyone (including the ISPs) played along, and the researchers some ideas about that as well, even including the possibility that municipalities pass laws requiring ISPs to support co-ops. In other words, don't bet on it showing up overnight. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via New Scientist]
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