Roto-Rooter wants to put a Wii in the loo

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JC Fletcher
February 12th, 2008
Roto-Rooter wants to put a Wii in the loo

According to Roto-Rooter, the ultimate restroom for women is a place where you can simultaneously dry your hair, listen to music, bathe your feet, make (and then enjoy) a latte, and surf the Internet whilst seated upon the throne. They admit it's "excessive," and we find it pretty disgusting -- especially the latte bit. We do not want food of any kind prepared in the bathroom. But, really, the open secret of the "Pimped out Powder Room" sweepstakes is that once you've won, you can put bathroom-inappropriate prizes elsewhere. Leave the new toilet and bidet in, move the Wii and refrigerator out.

That is, unless you really want to play Wii on your new combination TV/mirror/heated towel rack.

[Via Game|Life]
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