Rumor: Fable 2 ships May 30

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Rumor: Fable 2 ships May 30
According to a listing on the Amazon UK product page for Fable 2, the anticipated sequel to Peter Molyneux's original Xbox-exclusive role-playing game, a date has been set for a spring release. The listing shows Fable 2 will hit store shelves on May 30.

Take this with a giant retailer wants preorders grain of salt, but it could make sense. If Gears of War 2 was to hit in fall of 2008 (Read: naw son!) then Fable 2 could be the game that leads into the fourth quarter push much like Crackdown did in 2007. However, Fable 2 is a big franchise for Microsoft and would most likely ship during the busy holiday season. Also, retailers are sort of keen on picking release dates out of hats.

[Thanks, Rob K]
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