One Shots: A sunny day in the Dark Age of Camelot

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For today's One Shots, we jump back in time again to show off a lovely sunny and peaceful day from Dark Age of Camelot. This screenshot was sent in to us by site regular Ghen as part of the batch I mentioned previously. Of course, his original title for thisi image is "My lifeguard" with no further commentary on why. Perhaps he'll shed a bit more light on just precisely what that means in comments! (Of course, the other thing that strikes me is that -- short of the avatar -- this could be any one of about a half-dozen MMOs/VWs from the early 90s. Interesting how far we've come!)

Have you played an MMO recently, or will be playing one soon? Know where your print-screen button is? Well then what are you waiting for! Send those screenshots in to us at and let us all share in your adventures. Your images and story could be next!

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