Teraoka's Deli Touch pen delays human interaction in restaurants

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.23.08

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When talking menus just aren't futuristic enough, we reckon Teraoka's Deli Touch pen -- which strongly reeks of LeapFrog's Tag -- is the next best thing. The system works with barcode-laden menus and enables customers to simply swipe their choices and have them beamed directly to the kitchen. Besides hastening the order process and keeping the interaction between customer and waiter / waitress at a minimum, the device may also give you a solid reason to skimp on the tip -- not that we'd recommend such a thing, of course. Unfortunately, we've no idea if this setup is built to play nice with picky eaters and their laundry list of special requests, so we'd probably recommend steering clear unless you're totally cool with the standard fare.

[Via PopGadget]
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