Springlets for iPhone

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Dave Caolo
February 24, 2008 4:00 PM
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Springlets for iPhone
While we wait for the iPhone SDK, web developers are busily creating iPhone-compatible web apps and pages. There are a few cool ones out there, like Leaflets and PocketTweets. Even FedEx has created an iPhone-friendly page.

Recently we came across Springlets. Unlike Leaflets, which is a single site, Spinglets is a collection of sites with customized web clip icons that look right at home on your iPhone or iPod touch.

My favorite is WikiSearch. To use it, just tap the WikiSearch icon on your hompage, enter your search text and that's it! You're taken to the resulting page on Wikipedia. It eliminates several steps.

Other treats include Speed Dial (dial any contact number with a touch from the home page) and Text Sites, which strips all of the photos from a given web page (useful when you're on Edge).

[Via Steve Rubel]
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