Super Fantasy Zone, Pengo rated for American VC release

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JC Fletcher
February 25th, 2008
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Super Fantasy Zone, Pengo rated for American VC release
We love it when import-only games find their way to our Virtual Console! We also love Sega classics. So we're thoroughly pleased to see Super Fantasy Zone and Pengo, Genesis entries in two iconic Sega series, rated on the ESRB.

Super Fantasy Zone is the last in a series of brightly-colored, Defender-like free-scrolling shooter starring the Opa-Opa. Pengo is a remake of a 1982 arcade puzzle game of the same name, about a penguin who pushes ice blocks around to destroy enemies, much like Kickle Cubicle or Adventures of Lolo.

What's most surprising about the appearance of these two games on the ESRB is that they haven't been released on the Virtual Console in any other region! Sega said they were planning to release more imports; we just assumed they'd be things that were already on the Japanese VC.

[Via Siliconera]
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