Hail Mandy: The Druid's Soulstone

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|02.26.08

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Hail Mandy: The Druid's Soulstone
We've all wiped in an instance from time to time. It is significantly easier to keep going when a rezzer has a self-rez ability so the group doesn't have to waste time running back to the instance. Soulstone and Reincarnation are wonderful things. The Druid's Rebirth spell can also be used occasionally to save the party the walk of shame back to the instance.

I call this maneuver the "Hail Mandy." I started doing this when I was multiboxing my Paladin and Druid. When the Paladin, who was tanking, died and the Druid was going down, I would cast rebirth on the Pally. Then after the Druid was killed and the mobs reset, I would accept the rez. This allowed me to raise both characters and start back up on my merry, dualboxing way- just like using a Soulstone.

I'm sure plenty of Druids know about this trick. I am surprised by how many do not. As a matter of fact, I've never seen it done before. I just thought I'd share it with you in case it's not already part of your repertoire. When you do this, though, make sure to tell your target what you're doing. It would be a waste for them to accept it just to wipe again and still have to run back to the instance. It'll save some time and make you look super slick.

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