Visual evidence of Success's detective games

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When we heard that Success Corp. was creating a series of new detective adventure games, we expected noir-ish, gritty police procedural adventures, like Saburo Jinguuji or something. How wrong we were! Neither of the new games in the series fit that description. Not only that, the two games couldn't be more dissimilar from each other! If they weren't both part of the Deka series and weren't coming out on the same day, there'd be no reason to talk about them at the same time. We learned titles and vague genre descriptions yesterday, but the screens still manage to hold surprises.

Otoshi Kenji: Keiji-san, Watashi ga Yarimashita
(not sure, but something like Detective: I did it!) is a detective adventure game, but with a vintage anime style (think Lupin the Third-era) Yajuukeiji: Tokyo Doujitahatsu Terror Wo Chinatsuseyo (something like Beast Detective: Stop Mass Terrorism in Tokyo!) is not just an "action game" -- it's a side-scrolling brawler! You stop terrorism by kicking and shooting dudes!

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