DSVision content service bumped to April

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JC Fletcher
February 28th, 2008
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DSVision content service bumped to April
AM3's Nintendo-sanctioned DS flash card and content delivery service, DSVision, was originally scheduled to come out in January, which obviously did not happen. It was then delayed until March, and has now been delayed again until April. When it does eventually become available, Japanese users will be able to download manga, movies, and novels from the DSVision website and transfer it to the official DSVision card via an included MicroSD card. Looking through the official website, it would appear that the bundled card has been increased in capacity from 512mb to 2gb.

No matter when it comes out, we're thrilled it is. We're delighted to see an officially-licensed company taking advantage of some of the kinds of brilliant extensions to the DS's functionality already exploited by homebrewers.
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