Arena tournament PTR live

Eliah Hecht
E. Hecht|03.01.08

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Arena tournament PTR live
Well, this is an unexpected pleasure. A new public test realm just opened up, and it's an arena tournament server. This means you can go create level 70 characters there of whatever class you wish, and grab neat gear off the vendors, and go fight each other. That's about all you'll be able to do, because the PvE content on that realm has been disabled, as it will be on the actual tournament realms.

This actually implements something I've been thinking about in the context of WoW for a while: god wars. God wars was a type of MUD where all the characters were maximum level, and the fun of it was being a super-powerful character -- a god -- going around killing other super-powerful characters. No PvE to speak of, no story, no grinding, just PvP all the time, or at least that's how I remember it (it's been a while since my MUD days). Here's your PvP minigame, folks. Wouldn't it be nice if these types of realms were part of the regular game, separate from the tournament, but perhaps with a ladder?
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