Nikon D60 gets reviewed, bests the D40x only just barely

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Paul Miller
March 3rd, 2008
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Nikon D60 gets reviewed, bests the D40x only just barely

If you're looking for a major upgrade to the D40x, you'll have to look elsewhere, but Nikon has packed a few new features into its entry-level DSLR line with the D60 that should make it a slightly more attractive proposition to DSLR first-timers. The major features Nikon was touting were a new image processor and vibration, and both of those seemed to make very little difference in the camera's performance, according to the folks at PhotographyBLOG. Other small features were nice additions, but most of them are too obscure to make much of a difference to most consumers. The reviewers did find the new 18-55mm VR lens option to be highly desirable, since it's nearly the same price as the standard option, and in the end gave the D60 a "highly recommended" rating.
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