DS Daily: Underappreciated feature #1,782,365

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David Hinkle
March 4th, 2008
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DS Daily: Underappreciated feature #1,782,365

You know, the DS Daily is a great place to spur discussion and get your DS-obsessed day off on the right foot. But, we feel the need to be a bit selfish today. Instead of writing a love letter to our handheld and postmarking the envelope to our heart, we figured we'd call out one of its many small, but very lovable, features in our daily topic.

Like the NES of old, the DS cart slot is a godsend for us. One of the most annoying things we find with GBA games is the whole forcefully ripping the game out of the slot thing. Perhaps it's just that we're the most macho and manly of men (how you doing, ladies?), but we always feel like we're going to rip something in half when messing with the GBA stuff.

The DS has a nice spring-loaded slot that carefully extracts our games for us. It's one of the features that gets used most for us (right up there with the power button) and considering how much of a glutton our DS is (it does consume a lot of quality gaming), we're thankful the thing hasn't managed to mess up a single cart on us yet.

But what about you all? What features of the DS, no matter how big or small, do you admire? The glossy finish? The durable outer shell that can withstand falling down a flight of stairs without so much as a scratch (DS Fanboy staff tested)?
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