Guitar Hero III gets Modern Metal, free Dropkick Murphys tunes coming

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|03.06.08

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Well now, this is a trend we'd like to see continue: Just a week after it's last update (a batch of No Doubt tunes) Guitar Hero III is getting another song pack. This time, it's the "Modern Metal Track Pack," featuring master tracks of Deftones' "Hole in the Earth," Avenged Sevenfold's "Almost Easy" and Thrice's "The Arsonist." As you've come to expect, the three songs will cost you 500 points ($6.25).

If you don't find yourself in a metal mood, you'll be excited to hear that the next pack is already in the works. It's three from Dropkick Murphys, master tracks of "Famous for Nothing," "(F)lannigan's Ball" and "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ya." It's due in mid-March in time for St. Patrick's Day. And the best part? Totally free. We didn't think it was possible for us to be more excited about drinking ourselves into oblivion on a Monday, but we guess wonders never cease.

[Thanks, Matt]
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