Congestion relief on the TTR: more vendor locations

Zach Yonzon
Z. Yonzon|03.06.08

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Congestion relief on the TTR: more vendor locations

Vaneras over at the European forums has announced that some planned changes to the starting spawn locations on the Tournament Test Realm are in the works to address congestion issues. At the moment, the current spawn areas and vendors are located in each race's starting area, which is heavily populated upon character creation and log-in. The high density of players population cause heavy lag and much difficulty purchasing items from vendors. To address the situation, Vaneras reports that Blizzard is working on randomizing spawn locations (e.g. creating a Tauren won't necessarily start you off at Red Cloud Mesa) as well as adding new places for item vendors. The current list of vendor locations is as follows (subject to change):

1. Ammen Vale
2. North Shire
3. Coldridge Valley
4. Shadowglen
5. Goldshire
6. Sentinel Hill (Westfall)
7. Kharanos
8. Ironforge
9. Stormwind
10. Deathknell
11. Sunstrider Isle
12. Red Cloud Mesa
13. Valley of Trials

There are currently more Alliance vendor locations than there are Horde, but it's likely that more locations will be added in the future. So if you haven't visited the TTR yet, why don't you get the PTR client and try it out. Even if only to check out your toon dressed in phat lewtz.
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