Michigan kids exposed to nudity via XBL Vision Cam

Terrence Stasse
T. Stasse|03.09.08

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Terrence Stasse
March 9th, 2008
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*Sigh* Here we go again, the latest overblown news story to come out of the mass media regarding video games. This time it regards a pair of kids who were playing online (its unknown what game, as all the article says is: "while playing a game on X-Box Live, a video game that allows you to play against people anywhere in the world." Now whether of not "X-Box Live" is a video game in and of itself isn't really the issue here, the fact the the article mentions receiving pictures is. Because that setting can be disabled.

While the education of parents as to the extent of their own ability to filter their children's content is a problem, some of the statements made in the news article are downright silly. Things like: "Jennifer (the mother) now fears the safety of her children" do much more harm than good. So for all readers out there who could find a moment to educate those folks who aren't quite so up speed, it would benefit us all.
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