A night on the town, Karazhan style

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|03.10.08

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A night on the town, Karazhan style

We've talked about 2 manning Karazhan, Shaman-tanking Karazhan, and Paladining Karazhan. But just when you thought it was safe to grab a plain old boring 10-man Karazhan group with actual varied classes with decent gear and consumables and stuff, here comes one more permutation, and this one perhaps the most offbeat we've reported on yet.

It all started, Don Claus of the Stormwardens guild on the US Dragonmaw server tells us, with a pretty simple comment: "I'd love to see Tankin tank Prince in a dress." The Stormwardens decided to take it one step further and just slap suits on everyone. What followed is a story of a group revellers seeking to join the fabulous night life of Karazhan.

So apparently the stable staff didn't take kindly to them putting their mounts up, but a talk with Attumen - and a few blows - got them permission and let them move on. When they headed up into the ballroom, even having the proper attire didn't mean they were allowed to join the festivities. After fighting off the bouncers, they managed to get an audience with Moroes, and convince him to let them have seats for dinner. Of course, after dinner, you need a place to stay for the night, so they headed over to the guest quarters, and despite the Maiden of Virtue's distaste for their main tank's crossdressing ways, got themselves a room.

Still, before you turn in, you just have to take in a show, so it was off to the Opera, where they were recruited to act in a the story of Romulo and Julianne. Luckily, they had dressed the part, and were able to fulfill their role magnificently. Not feeling ready to retire, they then decided to tour the Menagerie. Unfortunately, they were not on The Curator's guest list. It was here that they ran into a bit of trouble. Their tank, no matter how fetching his dress, could not stand up to an enraged Curator, and they barely managed to take him down with 3 people standing - a pretty amazing feat, I'd say, considering that their clothing, while stylish, couldn't have been helping their DPS or survivability. However, they took that as an omen of their later chances and ended for the night.

They still wore rings, trinkets, weapons, and the like, but I'd say even getting through the bosses with that little gear must have taken a lot of gumption and strategy. It's definitely a way to give yourself a challenge and have a bit of fun. I'm sort of disappointed that we didn't actually see someone tank Prince Malchezaar with a dress, but then again, I wonder if an under (dress) geared tank could last through phase 2. I suppose it depends on your healers. Hopefully the Stormwardens keep us updated if they decide to try the other half of the dungeon.

This actually reminds me of my guild's old 10-man Scholomance Black Mageweave run back in the day, so I can tell you from personal experience that offbeat runs like this are a lot of fun. We probably had it a bit easier since we didn't have to worry about boss-level mobs or mobs specifically tuned for a 10-man group, but it was still a great challenge, and I tip my hat to my fellow silly-clothing dungeon running comrades.

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