Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine: it's real and Mark Dacastic

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Once nothing more than a completely plausible rumor, the Iron Chef video game has been revealed, giving two competitors one hour to devise four to five dishes featuring the game, made in their signature styles. Oh, no, wait, we're thinking of food. This has been revealed, giving you notice that it'll be out in stores this summer for people to buy.

Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine
, developed by John Deere: Harvest in the Heartland (and Elf Bowling 1&2) developer Black Lantern Studios, will be based on the Food Network's version of the popular Japanese cooking game show, and not the original. It'll feature the voice and likeness of Double Dragon's Mark Dacascos, with other personalities to be announced later. Could an Alton Brown appearance in a game be far off?

Even if it is the new show, we're all about the idea of an Iron Chef game. At the very least, they've made a funny video.

[Via Joystiq]
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