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SanDisk's Sansa Fuze reviewed

Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|March 14, 2008 11:21 AM

Those of you hoping to have your mind blown can go ahead and leave quietly out the back, but for anyone else hoping for a dirt-cheap and fairly lovable DAP, the Sansa Fuze from SanDisk might just fit the bill. PC Magazine and CNET put the player through its paces and came out with a few nice things to say about it. Starting at $80 for 2GB and ramping up to $130 for 8GB, the player is certainly a good deal, and its diminutive form factor -- a compromise between the Clip and the View -- measures a mere 0.3-inches thick, while still managing a quality feel and a microSD slot. Unfortunately, the size only leaves room for a 1.9-inch screen, which CNET calls "dingy," and SanDisk's proprietary syncing port on the player isn't winning it any fans. Audio quality doesn't quite match the Sony A810 or Samsung P2, and the codec support is fairly limited, but obviously Rhapsody integration is the real draw here. These days 24 hours of audio playback isn't earth shattering either, but it's certainly commendable, and while it doesn't appear SanDisk is going to change to face of the DAP market with this unit, we're sure they've hit the sweet spot for some.

Read - PC Mag (3.5 out of 5, "Good")
Read - CNET (7.3 out of 10, "Very good")