Third wave of WoW action figures impresses

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|03.18.08

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Third wave of WoW action figures impresses
Whether or not you're the type of WoW player that buys collectibles, you've got to admit that the newest series of action figures from DC Unlimited are pretty cool. We're especially impressed by the Undead Rogue, which has some ridiculously detailed color work and makes us want it with an undying fervor. Unfortunately these figures aren't even out until November 12th, 2008, which means that if you've really got to have one (or all) of them right now -- well, you can't.

Fear not, however, as if you really must have an awesome WoW action figure right now there's always the current crop. Although if you've got to have that Undead Rogue -- like us -- then there isn't much we can do for you aside from offering you an empathetic nod of understanding.
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