UT3 PS3 patch coming March 27

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|03.20.08

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Kyle Orland
March 20th, 2008
UT3 PS3 patch coming March 27
Remember when buying a console game meant living with whatever bugs and gameplay glitches got inadvertently shipped with the game? Well, the folks at Epic want you to forget all about those days with a patch for the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament coming down the PSN pike on March 27.

The fixes included in the free, downloadable patch include support for character mods, an easier method for downloading mods from the web browser, and basically a lot of other stuff related to mods (in addition to some other incidental tech fixes). The patch will also bring the European and U.S. editions of the game into alignment, allowing for online matches across the Atlantic. A nice feature, but we hope all that data going across the transatlantic cables doesn't cause too much lag.

Check out the full list of bug fixes after the break.

* Made compatible with Euro version (both are patched to the same level)
* Fixed reversed ping sorting in server browser
* Fixed some rare crashes (shutting down, saving with low HD space, AI, etc)
* Fixed a client crash while connecting to server while server it switching maps
* Minor rewordings of various messages
* Fixed mutator mods to not be always loaded, only load mutators when needed
* Added mod import verification for inter-mod package name conflicts
* Fixed weapon/effect sorting in DM-Gateway snow
* Fixed extraneous "Player" entries in campaign scoreboard
* Fixed some getting stuck and outside the world bugs
* No longer display "Player is on red/blue" messages in campaign
* Fixed a Torlan bot pathing bug
* Fix for too many custom characters causing texture corruption
* Keyboard jump now does Smart Jump
* Fix for tilt controlling player sometimes
* Removed Warfare Score Limit of 0 in UI
* Disabled 3d sound positioning on mission briefing sounds
* Fixed exploits with ViewNextPlayer in rare cases
* Fixed some HUD positioning bugs
* Fixed a Darkwalker AI bug
* Fixed some teleporter timing bugs
* Fixed low-bandwidth, large player count connectivity


* Mods now on root of memory device, can download easier from PS3 web browser
* Fixed VOIP quality issues
* Fixed some headset connection issues
* Added support for full character mods (heads/premade whole characters)
* No longer need to reboot after importing a character mod to see it in menus
* DLC no longer acts like a user mod (being listed in MyContent and causing disable mod crash dialog)
* Fix for bootup and import slowdown with many mods installed
* Add a VOIP icon when VOIP is active (button held down)
* Fixes for corrupted the auto-mod-download cache
* Fix for flickering auto-download text
* Fix for getting stuck in multiplayer menu if you get in before gamespy connects
* Fixed a mod problem with switching between mod and shipping maps with clients teleporting randomly
* Fixed a mod problem with multiple gametype mods installed, only first one imported would work
* Fixed Leviathan deploy icon
* Bots now respect players feigning death (depending on bot skill level)
* Bots now respect sandstorm "blindness"
* Fix for bots picking linkgun mode
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