Rock Band moshes over to Wii on June 22nd

Although PlayStation 2 / 3 and Xbox 360 owners have been living the dream for months, Wii owners can finally circle a date on their calender to undoubtedly be sick: June 22nd. As we expected, the title will indeed be adding Nintendo's darling to its tour 'round the consoles, but just like those pesky Ticketmaster fees, things aren't going to be all peaches and cream during the checkout process. For starters, Wii purchasers will be forced to swallow the "no downloadable content" and "no online multiplayer support" pills, and after those are down, they'll be forced to shell out $169.99 and know that their Wiimote won't have anything to do with the instruments (unlike Guitar Hero III's Wiimote-controlled axe). And no, your GHIII guitar most definitely won't play nice with Rock Band. Yes, that is the sound of your expectations being crushed.

Update: The crew over at Joystiq got in touch with Harmonix, who hooked them up with this pic of the white Wii drumkit and a few additional deets: although a lot of features got axed, including character creation and Mii support, Wii rockers will score wireless guitars out of the box. Sure, but we'd rather have GHIII compatibility, you know?

[Via NintendoWiiFanboy]