Cinemassively: Machiniminute, Episode 2

Moo Money
M. Money|03.25.08

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Yesterday, Juiceof Prunes showed us how to get started on machinima in the first episode of Machiniminute. Today, we'll look at episode two, which focuses on the interface, mice, and arrows. If you're even an intermediate machinimator, these tutorials will probably not tell you anything new. However, they're quite detailed and fairly painless for the person just starting out.

Tip #1 in the video tells you how to hide your user interface (UI). I can't stress enough how important this is for your Second Life machinima. Tip #2 explains how to remove the mouse cursor in Fraps. Tip #3 talks about something that I don't believe will affect you when your UI is off, but for those times when you need the UI on, is very useful. In episode three, which is yet to be released, she'll instruct us on camera angles.
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