Spying on The Agency

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Spying on The Agency
Hal Milton, The Agency's lead designer, recently had a lengthy chat with GameSpotUK about Sony's upcoming spy MMO. He revealed quite a bit of new information about the game, including its spy versus spy (PvP) mode.

PvP will have a mix of arenas supporting both casual and official game types. There will also be optional crossover missions that start off as PvE and morph as UNITE and ParaGON agents come into conflict over shared or competitive objectives.

At launch hundreds of PvE missions will be available and take place throughout Europe, Central America, and East Asia. The modular system will allow them to easily expand to cover the globe.


While agents can solo all of the story content, each mission has multiple ratings based on completing primary and secondary objectives, as well as bonus objectives. According to Hal, a solo player should be able to score "bronze" on any mission, but obtaining higher ratings (through teaming up) will earn them better rewards.

The Agency isn't always about blowing up other agents. There will be missions involving tailing suspects,dead drops, alias games that include taking pictures, gambling and other in-world mini-games.

And what fun would it be playing a super spy without all those wonderful toys? They are developing gadgets for combat, support, and stealth that include standard issue gizmos such as deployable turrets to the not-so-standard issue doohickeys that create distractions, release poisons, and "other fun stuff." We wonder if they'll have a shoe phone.

So, where do we sign... and do we have to use our own blood?

There is a whole bunch of information pertaining to the PS3 version of this SPYMMO, so be sure to check out the entire interview.

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