About the Bloggers: Robin Torres

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About the Bloggers: Robin Torres

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First of all, the above is not a recent picture. I just thought it was important for you to know that I'm the type of person who fondles larger than life, mostly naked, movie theater props hanging out in the back of pickup trucks. On to the questions...

What do you do for WoW Insider?
I write WoW, Casually, a column for casual players which is supposed to be weekly and will be again. No, really. I used to write Azeroth Interrupted, a column about balancing real life with WoW, but that is now Gamer Interrupted over on Massively. I also started Totem Talk, the Shaman column. Not that I play a Shaman, but I used to interview players who do. I was very happy that our very capable Matthew Rossi took it over after all of my interviewees stopped wanting to be interviewed. And I go through random blogging bursts which I am always hoping will become more of a regular thing.

What's your main right now?
No matter what alt I play around with, and I fall in love with a new class once a month, I always return to my level 70 Tauren Druid, Freja. She resides on Daggerspine and is sometimes a Boomkin but is usually Resto. I just feel more comfortable healing. I started playing a Night Elf Druid on multiple servers before following the Spousal Unit to Daggerspine and the Horde. I do believe droods are the most versatile and fun class in the game by far, though I'm rather enamored with my Draenei Mage's DPS output. And the Blood Elf Warlock is fun, too. Of course my level 19 Troll Warrior is a blast in WSG. I'd better move on to the next question or we'll be here all day.

For the Horde or Glory to the Alliance?
Horde. When I play my Draenei, I have a hard time getting upset when I get ganked. I'd gank me too!

Favorite thing to do in Azeroth?
Alterac Valley. Hands down. I haven't played since the new patch, but I suspect that I will still enjoy it. I love capturing Stormpike graveyard and healing the tanks during the Vanndar battle. A well fought AV win is sheer joy and worth the frustrating losses, of which there are many in my battlegroup, regardless of popular opinion. I do like the Daily Cooking Quests and bringing up alts as well.

What's the best instance in the game?
Zul'Farrak is my favorite. It's outdoors. It has undead. You fight Godzilla Gahzrilla. You stand on top of a staircase, fighting off waves of bad guys. And I got the coolest halter top for my Night Elf there. I also think the Caverns of Time instances have the best concept and going back in time to relive parts of the lore is too much fun.

What's the number one thing Blizzard could do better?
Progressive content. Blizzard has the money to put together a team that does nothing but progress the minor storylines in the game and I think they should. (I'd be happy to help.) The fun with Griftah has been nice and all, but it's only a tiny fraction of what I think they should be doing. How many times do we have to escort the guy from the thing to the place before he stays rescued? Why don't the people studying the cures and curses ever remember the results after you give them the ingredients? Moonglade was supposed to be the first Druid port, what happened to the others? I would like to see quarterly content progression where quests actually stay completed and new ones take their place. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Blizzard fangirl, but I think they've got the lore and the cash and they should give us much more progressive content on a regular basis.

If you had 10 more hours to play every week, what would you spend them doing?
I would raid. I am only a casual player because of time constraints. Executing major boss takedowns with a well organized gang o' geeks is a lot of fun whether you are playing pencil and paper RPGs or taking on Ragnaros.

Favorite mount?
Druid flight form and travel form in the old world. Instacast FTW!

If you could add one touch of personal flair to your main, what would it be?
I wish I could alter my gear so that it always was a skirt or a dress. I think my characters would all tailor their clothing and armor to reflect their personal style. Not that I do that in real life. Sewing is no fun. I do knit though.

Other games I enjoy are...
I go through very dangerous Civilization phases where I play the latest version all day every day obsessively. This can happen with any turn based strategy game like Spaceward Ho or Master of Orion II, but Civ is the worst. I play Hellgate: London, City of Heroes/Villains and Toontown (yeah, I have a preschooler, but it's fun) off and on. Diablo II is still fun to go back to, though HGL satisfies that itch. And when I feel the need to play Taipan, I find that Gazillionaire is more fulfilling. WoW is definitely my favorite game, however, and I think I'll go play some now.
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