Addon Spotlight: Ace in the Hole? (Updated)

Sean Forsgren
S. Forsgren|03.26.08

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Addon Spotlight: Ace in the Hole? (Updated)
Welcome to the reality that is 2.4 addon pandemonium! It is a time of great sorrow, confusion and frustration. With the new patch, we've seen even the most crucial addon go up in flames. A large percentage of you count Ace addons on your list of must-haves, so you may be wondering why the Ace sites are slow or unresponsive since the patch.

I've been checking in on the Ace sites to see what I can find and have been regularly running my AceUpdater for Mac to keep myself current. Here is the current verdict (as of 1:45pm EST)
For the most part, many of your Ace addons are probably working if you select "Load Out of Date Addons" from your Addons Interface.If I had to guess, I'd say the Ace troubles are due to massive amounts of site traffic, and calls to the Updater system. Keep in mind that of the millions of players, there are no doubt millions who use Ace addons. With so many people trying to update their addons at once, there are bound to be, and have historically been, site outages. Have patience, my friends, time heals all wounds.

For now, you could check out the WoW Interface 2.4 Survival Guide, which can provide alternate links to some of your Ace addons, and others, that may be a closer incarnation fo the 2.4 version of a given addon.

Until then, you could always Go Commando!

Looks like Curse and WoW UI are down. You can try the ultra-low bandwidth version of Wow Interface, which appears to be up and running still.
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