Operation Darkness demo dated, first screens

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Operation Darkness demo dated, first screens

In the past few years the team at Atlus have etched their name into role-playing history books as a niche Japanese publisher that has quickly invaded the West with the unique brand of titles. Having announced two titles for the Xbox 360 in late 2007, Atlus has revealed new information on one of the two titles with an updated website and a slew of fresh screens. Visiting the newly updated official site for Operation Darkness reveals updated game information and that a demo is scheduled for May 5 on the Xbox Live Marketplace, months after the release of a Japanese demo that went live in December 2007.

With third party support from a team like Atlus maybe Microsoft can claim to be one helluva RPG-player's console after all. Operation Darkness, which has recently been rated M by the ESRB, is an RPG / small-squad tactics hybrid from developer SUCCESS that supports up to 4 players cooperatively over Xbox Live and is set to hit retail later this year.


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