Super Talent ships "world's thinnest" 256GB SSD, still too thick for us

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.26.08

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We've learned to be extra cautious whenever some company tosses out that "world's thinnest" claim, and while this one isn't an outright lie, it's not exactly as impressive as Super Talent would have you believe. Yeah, the outfit's 256GB FSD56GC25H SSD actually is the slimmest on the market today at this capacity, but the 12.5-millimeter height makes it incompatible with a slew of laptops that can only handle drives that are 9.5-millimeters thick. Nevertheless, those with the room to spare can look forward to 0.1-millisecond access times, 65MB/sec sequential read speeds and 50MB/sec sequential write speeds (maximums), and a lightweight aluminum enclosure. Per usual, pricing information is available only upon request -- but no, it won't be cheap.
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