Forum post of the Day: The Death of PvP Guilds

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|03.28.08

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Forum post of the Day: The Death of PvP Guilds

Laij of Laughing Skull believes that the new battleground matching system is a blow to PvP guilds. He said, "The new patch and matchmaking system has just nerfed the hell out of any pvp guild. Why run BG premades anymore? All you do is get matched up with other premades that are going to drag games out extremely long." Unsurprisingly, this was not particularly well received.

What is notable is that the thread has elicited a response from Drysc who said "Fair and challenging gameplay? The horror..." This comment opened Drysc (as a Blizzard representative) up to both criticism and support from readers. Some cheered him on for calling out the whining of the original poster, others said that class imbalance makes battlegrounds imbalanced.

The original poster's main complaint was that it takes too long for a premade team to win now. I have to disagree with this sentiment. The most fun I've ever had in a battleground was an Arathi Basin was a 2000-1990 victory. We trailed the Alliance throughout the battle, but it was close. As we passed 1950 we had three nodes, they had two, and a twenty point lead. The battle was intense and exciting. I'm not in a hurry, I'd rather have a good game. I'm all in favor of balance.

The thread is flame bait, but it's an interesting read. Has the new system improved PvP?

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