Sunwell Phase 3 daily quest walkthroughs

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|03.28.08

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Sunwell Phase 3 daily quest walkthroughs
Though no servers have reached phase 3 of the reclaiming of Quel'Danas, it's always good to be prepared. Many servers began Phase 2 just yesterday, and phase 3 is well under way. My server sits at around 14% complete of retaking the Armory after Day One, and I expect this to pick up over the weekend. Within a week, many of us will likely be transitioning into the most anticipated of the phases.

Why is it the most anticipated? Well, as soon as this phase begins, you gain access to a General Goods vendor, vendors to trade PvE tier tokens for PvP gear, as well as a handful of new daily quests. As you progress through this phase, you also gain access to the new Badge of Justice rewards vendor. The ultimate goal of this phase? Capturing the Sun's Reach Harbor.


Take a look behind the jump for walkthroughs for each of the phase 3 daily quests!

Clink on the links below for the walkthrough for each of the new Phase 3 daily quests:

The new building, the Armory, is just east from the Sanctum we acquired at the beginning of Phase 2, directly across the road. You'll find the new vendors and quest givers in and around this building. Inside of the building you will find Vindicator Kaalan and Magister Ilastar, the questgivers for the quests, "Intercept the Reinforcements" and "Taking the Harbor."

Just outside of the Armory you will find Smith Hauthaa, future Badge of Justice rewards vendor. Initially, she gives you the quest "Making Ready" which will eventually lead to the quest "Ata'mal Armaments."

If you've missed Phase 1 and have not yet participated in Phase 2, don't worry! All of the daily quests remain after their Phase is over. If you're looking for a walkthrough, Eliah has covered Phase 1 and Daniel has covered Phase 2.
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