The Digital Continuum: Bioshock MMO

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|03.29.08

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The Digital Continuum: Bioshock MMO

A torrent of happy thoughts burst forward from my brain at the rumor of a possible Bioshock MMO; Would it be good? When would it be set? Where would it even be set, Rapture, or some other previously unknown location? What kind of gameplay would it employ?

These questions -- and many more like them -- are all great and also quite valid. This is why I couldn't help myself from exploring the possibilities of what such a game could deliver to us as players -- except with a particular twist. Being that Andrew Ryan was so very influential in both the world of Rapture as well as our own, this entire look into a Bioshock MMO has been written in the spirit of Mr. Ryan.

With a fan-base as strong as the Big Daddies themselves, Bioshock could create quite the tsunami if it went massively multiplayer. Simply click on the picture above to find out the how and why.%Gallery-19327%
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