Chronicles of Spellborn: Combat for Beginners

Brenda Holloway
B. Holloway|03.31.08

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Chronicles of Spellborn: Combat for Beginners
Face to face with a monster. Its soulless eyes glint blackly from the light of the Deadspell Storm. Its smell -- that awful stench -- may be its greatest weapon, but you do not come unprepared. You have your trusty falchion, worn but true. Your armor has been nicked and scratched and is no longer as shiny as when the blacksmith sold it, but it's honest chain and will turn a blade, or a claw. And of course, you have your trusty deck of cards. "Let's do this," you snarl. You turn the top card over...

Combat in Chronicles of Spellborn isn't the simple deal (cough sorry) we've come to expect in our MMOs. Instead of having a fixed set of abilities governed by cast timers and cool-downs, the abilities in Spellborn are controlled by cards, one for each action. You set up your cards in up to five columns -- for instance, one for mêlée, another for mêlée and debuffs, one for magic, another for ranged, and the last for healing. As you use an ability all columns move to the next row (or tier), and so on. Want to guarantee a finishing move is always available? Put them diagonally across your columns. For tips on how to make combos, and how to construct your deck so that the buffs and debuffs support your attacks, Spellborn dev El Drijver brings us his Combat for Beginners game design journal. Check out our previous coverage of this innovative MMO coming out of the Netherlands in the near future.
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