How to put Massively on your vBulletin Board forum

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|04.02.08

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How to put Massively on your vBulletin Board forum
How to put Massively on your vBulletin Board forum
In an ongoing series of articles we'll show you how to put Massively on your own blog, guild website, personal website, or even on your computer's desktop. For a complete list of the software that's covered, check out our guide's index. Note that the images in the guide are for illustration only and you can replace all references to WoW Insider with Massively.

About vBulletin Board

vBulletin Board is a very advanced piece of software that has to be installed on a website. It uses backend technology to make a very nice forum website. Ask your web provider if they have a vBulletin Board system setup for you already. If not, you might have to go through installing it and setting up the basic functionality. While this process is not too hard, it is beyond the scope of this guide. However, once everything is all setup, getting Massively syndicated on your vBulletin Board site is easy.

How to syndicate Massively on your vBulletin Board website

1. Log in as an administrator.

2. Scroll down the left side administrator tools until you see "RSS Feeds". Expand that topic, and select "Add New RSS Feed".

3. Fill in the information as shown above, and select the options that fit your needs.
4. Scroll down and click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

5. That's it. You're now syndicating Massively on your vBulletin Board site! Give it five to ten minutes to grab the news from Massively, and you'll soon see it on your site's forums.

If you want the Massively feed for a particular game, you'll find the rss feed url next to the name of the game in the side bar of our site
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