AT&T picks DISH as new best friend

Steven Kim
S. Kim|04.04.08

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AT&T picks DISH as new best friend
AT&T picks DISH as new best friendThe sometimes funny relationship between AT&T, DISH and DirecTV reminds us of pesky fourth grade decisions of the "who's your one, bestest friend?" variety. The makeups and breakups even have the same air of fickleness, too. AT&T has officially phased out its reselling of DirecTV for 2008, but is keeping its relationship with DISH. Don't get comfy, though -- mum's the word on AT&T's plans for 2009. The move makes DISH the exclusive satellite provider for AT&T's primary markets. Like all biz relationships, this one's all about convenience (and prior commitments); it's safe to assume that if AT&T is able to execute its 2008 plans for U-verse it will scale back ties to competitor's products. But, the "triple play" package is an asset that we don't expect AT&T to jeopardize, even if it makes for uneasy friends.

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