Second Neo-Realms Tournament Fishing League starting soon

Brenda Holloway
B. Holloway|04.07.08

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Dare we say, we've been waiting for this announcement with baited breath? There's things in the water. Sharks, kraken, three-eyed radioactive fish, gyardos (both red and dead -- better dead than red?), crabs, water-cacti.... If it swims, or might if prodded enough, Neo-Realms has stocked the seemingly safe waters with some of the most bizarre creatures seen in this world or out of it. Your job: Bait 'em, hook 'em, land 'em. You and a partner will compete with other teams over the course of the season to bring the best and rarest fish out of these seemingly safe waters.

Want to practice without having them count toward your totals? Neo-Realms has a special control box with which you can schedule practice matches for you and your partner. Head on over to the Neo-Realms Team Fishing League website to register your team, inquire about sponsoring the league, or to just find out more about it. And while you're out there fishing, if your catch starts to pull you into the water, just let it go. Seriously. And if you land something particularly amazing, why not snap a picture of it and send it to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com?
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