Sunwell griefing runs rampant

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|04.06.08

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Sunwell griefing runs rampant
Patch 2.4, much like most other things in WoW, has managed to bring the worst out of some people. The mask of anonymity strikes again!

No, I don't mean the node-stealing, ninja-tapping, mob-training stupidery(which is a word as of right now) you see all over the Isle of Quel'Danas. I refer to the standing-on-NPCs-while-PvP-flagged griefing. If you're lucky and haven't seen this happen on your server, what most servers are seeing is a bunch of Blood Elf and Draenei players standing directly on top of Shattered Sun Offensive NPCs, so players accidentally, unknowingly, right click on them instead of the quest NPC. This results in inadvertently hitting the player, and then getting destroyed by the SSO guards.

Sure, this can be circumvented by hitting Shift+V to see friendly nameplates, which you can click on to talk to the quest givers. More often than not, though, you've fallen victim to the griefers at least once before you even realize they're there, leading to repair bills and wasted time. After the first death, this is pretty much a non-issue because you know what's up, but it's still frustrating to watch so many other people get killed in that way. You just know the person on top of the NPC is laughing like crazy in real life, too.

So what do I do? Report, report, report! I imagine this is the case across most servers seeing this sort of activity, but as far as I can tell, it isn't doing much good. After seven straight days of the exact same person griefing in this way, and seven days of reports from a plethora of people on my server, they were still there. Considering I am on an RP-PvE realm, this activity is very much against the Harassment Policy on the Blizzard website. It's this portion in particular:

Zone/Area Disruption:
  • Disruption of player sponsored events or gatherings
  • Excessive use of in-game sounds or visuals
  • Excessively casting spells with noticeable effects in crowded areas
  • Impeding or blocking access to an NPC, doodad, doorway, or any other area of the world that a player would normally be able to access
Can you still get to that NPC via the use of Shift+V to bring up nameplates? Certainly. However, if that is the logic the GMs are following when not enforcing this policy, that's a bit of a stretch. How can you block access to an NPC any more than that? Players aren't solid objects, so if that rule doesn't apply to this, it doesn't apply to anything in WoW whatsoever. Nothing that players can create is a solid object, if I remember correctly.

So what does this policy apply to, if anything? Is this a case of policy misinterpretation, on the side of the players or the GMs? Is there a difference in this policy between a PvP server and a PvE server, and if that's the case, why would it be okay to do on a PvE server?

Yeah, I know. QQ moar and all that!
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