AoC Lore: Boat Captain Amyr

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AoC Lore:  Boat Captain Amyr
Down in Stygia there's a river called Styx. Of all the boat captains in the Khopshef Province the most well known is Amyr, master of the Pride of Luxor. Unlike most of the other boats the Luxor is old, but so well maintained that you'd swear it was better than new. Decorated with bright colors, she glides across the lapping waves with little effort. No matter what it is (people or cargo) -- when it absolutely, positively has to get there... Amyr will get it there.

The captain is a barrel chested, imposing man with a booming voice who has the command presence that even King Conan would admire. Blunt and forthright are his hallmark characteristics. While he may be stern he's also very shrewd, and can haggle with the best of them.

There may be one (and only one) weakness. Rumors suggest that he has soft spot for a woman named Semira, a priestess of Derketo who lives on the island of Pashtun. No soul alive would openly suggest such a thing to Amyr's face.
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