Pioneer European Kuro lineup sign of things to come?

Steven Kim
S. Kim|04.07.08

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Pioneer European Kuro lineup sign of things to come?
Pioneer Europe 2008 Kuro lineup announcedThere's one model year to go before Pioneer switches over to Panasonic-sourced plasma panels, but the European Kuro lineup announced for 2008 gives some indication of where things are headed. We like the verbiage and strategy: LCDs for displays less than 50-inches, plasmas for the ultimate quality in the 50 - 60-inch category, and 3-chip D-ILA projectors for wall-sized entertainment. Blanketing the size spectrum is good, and notice that the delineation between LCD and plasma is in both size and picture quality; lots of eyes will be on whether the Kuro hallmarks carried over to the LCDs supplied by Sharp. Everything is treated to the all-important (for marketing, at least) 1920x1080 resolution. More significantly, the plasmas claim to have five times better black level performance than the previous generation's. Finally, the listed availability dates are telling: the KRF-9000FD projector shows up in April (any day now); plasma models PDP-LX5090 and PDP-LX6090 in June; KRL-32V and KRL-37V LCDs wait until August; and no word on the KRL-46V LCD which size-wise is in striking distance of a 50-inch plasma. Follow the link for the full press release.

[Via HDTVOrigin]
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