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EA Sports predicts Sharks as Stanley Cup champs

Jason Dobson
Jason Dobson|April 8, 2008 11:00 PM
With the puck set to drop tomorrow night for the 2008 NHL playoffs, the prognosticators at EA Sports have once again looked into the future vicariously through the studio's latest NHL video game offering to predict the outcome of the league's 16-win battle of attrition. By way of simulation using NHL 08, EA Sports named the San Jose Sharks as the team to finally earn the right to lift Lord Stanley's Cup, defeating Eastern powerhouse Montreal in seven games.

While this writer's favorite team, the Buffalo Sabres, are out playing golf, we agree that the Sharks, behind 2005-06's Hart Trophy winner Joe Thornton (not to mention former Sabres defenceman Brian Campbell), present a formidable force for any of the playoff race's 16 teams. Still, there's too much on-ice talent to write this off as gospel just yet, so we'll sit back and probably scream at the TV tomorrow evening as we wait and see if history mirrors EA's crystal ball.