Puzzloop for Everyone in Japan next week

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Japan hasn't received any new WiiWare content since the service's March 25th launch, with the exception of DLC for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King and Lonpos. It would appear that WiiWare is on a monthly release schedule, because one new game has been announced for release next Tuesday: Minna de Puzzloop (Puzzloop for Everyone).

The puzzle game, about shooting marbles at same-color marbles as they come down a looped path, was originally released by developer Mitchell as an arcade game in 1998, but most gamers are most familiar with it as Magnetica on the DS. This 1000-Wii Point version supports four-player simultaneous play (though it doesn't seem to be playable online), and of course it also supports being able to buy it from your couch.

[Via Famitsu]
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