PSP getting close to 9 million units sold in Japan

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|04.18.08

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Jem Alexander
April 18, 2008 10:30 PM
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PSP getting close to 9 million units sold in Japan
While the PSP may not have done as well in Japan this week as it has done in previous weeks, the system still sold incredibly. It outsold all other consoles in the region again, beating out its big brother the PS3 by a ratio of over 10:1. Here are this week's numbers:
  • PSP - 85,721
  • DS Lite - 47,158
  • Wii - 46,296
  • PS3 - 8,232
  • PS2 - 6,834
  • Xbox 360 - 1,147
Not only did the PSP sell excellently in Japan this week, thanks mostly to the recent release of Monster Hunter 2nd G, the system is also very close to reaching the 9 million milestone. Pocket Gamer is reporting that by the time next week's numbers are out the PSP will have sold over 9 million in Japan alone. That's a scary number of PSPs. We wonder exactly how many of those sales can be directly attributed to a Monster Hunter game.
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