One Shots: Some love for PSU

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Normally, we get our daily One Shots submissions from folks wanting to show off how cool their world is, but with very little beyond that. Today's One Shots, however, came to us last night from Tink who not only wanted to show off how pretty the Cherry blossoms were behind her Newman character, but also to thank us for recently putting out a story on Phantasy Star Universe!

We'd note that while we're glad Tink enjoyed the story -- we have more to come! Sega has graciously allowed some of our writers into the lands of Phantasy Star Universe. As such, we're going to be out looking for teams for the upcoming Maximum Attack G event scheduled for April 25th! So, if you see any fairly low-level folk wandering around, say hello! You never know -- it could be some of the Massively team.

Do you have a screenshot from an off-the-beaten-path MMO? Perhaps something indie that doesn't get a lot of love, or a classic title that we haven't featured recently? If so, grab those screenshots, toss them into a mail and let fly to oneshots AT massively DOT com! We love to see all different types of MMOs, both old and new -- and you never know... we might be lurking in your world too.
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